Salmon fillet steaks with lemon and herbs on a black background.
What Is The Most Nutritious Type Of Salmon To Buy?
By Matthew Wilson
Although wild-caught salmon is limited in availability and more expensive, if nutrition is important to you, it's the better option compared to farm-raised salmon.
Both types of fish contain omega-3 acids, but farm-raised salmon, due to their diets, contain a higher concentration of unhealthy saturated fats and lack nutrients and minerals.
However, compared to farm-raised salmon, which makes up ¾ of the salmon served in the United States, wild-caught salmon takes up only a small percentage of the seafood market.
Even salmon that is labeled as wild-caught is sometimes misrepresented as such, with the fish actually being farm-raised Atlantic salmon.
However, you can tell whether a salmon is wild-caught or farm-raised by its color. Wild-caught salmon will be reddish-orange, and farm-raised salmon has a pink color.
By comparing the hues of the fish, you should be able to tell right away which one is farm-raised and which is wild-caught. If it's not evident, the taste will also be different.