An entrance to an Aldi cornerstore.
What Is The Actual Brand Behind Aldi's Fan Favorite Millville Cereal?
By John Segura
The possible hidden brand that makes Aldi's Millville brand cereals could be Post, the company behind Honey Bunches of Oats, Raisin Bran, and Shredded Wheat.
It all comes down to Post's relationship with Malt-O-Meal, also affectionately known as MOM, which Post Holdings purchased in 2015 for $1.15 billion.
The connection goes back to a recall notice in 1998, where Millville brand Toasted Oats was recalled due to an outbreak of Salmonella Agona.
The notice speculates that the product's exposure to the bacteria could have been due to contact with MOM brand cereal, which was made in the same plant.
As Post now owns MOM's plants, there is further speculation that Post is the producer of Aldi's beloved Millville brand cereals, although the evidence is not concrete.