A pint of beer on a gold background.
What Is The 3-30-300 Rule For Beer?
By Matthew Wilson
The 3-30-300 rule has become a guiding principle for many in the beer industry. It concerns the duration of time and the temperature at which beer is stored.
According to this simplified rule, beer will experience the same oxidation across a three-day, 30-day, and 300-day interval when stored at different temperatures.
When beer is stored at 90 degrees F, it will only maintain its quality for three days, but the good news is that you won't have to worry about leaving beer in a hot car all day.
Beer stored at room temperature or around 72 degrees F will lose flavor after 30 days, but if stored at a lower temperature of 38 degrees F, it will last for 300 days.
The Miller Brewing Company established the 3-30-300 rule to simplify beer storage and also show how important it is to keep your beer in a cold location.
However, the 3-30-300 rule doesn't account for other variables like when a beer is bottled, fluctuations in room temperature, and ingredients a beer is made with.