Prosciutto on a cutting board
What Is Prosciuttini And Is It The Same As The Beloved Prosciutto?
By Alli Neal
Proscuittini is typically ham that has been spiced with black pepper before and during curing. Occasionally, it will be sold uncured as oven-roasted ham coated with black pepper.
To make cured prosciuttini, boneless uncured ham is dry cured with salt and sodium nitrates, then massaged with salt, coated in black pepper, and cured for a week.
It's left in a humid environment for two to three months, then moved to a dry environment for up to three years. This process is the same as that of prosciutto.
Prosciutto is cured unflavored, so the only difference between the two is the black pepper seasoning. The words prosciutto and prosciuttini also don't carry specific regulations.
The terms just mean "ham" and "little hams," meaning your prosciuttini may resemble a peppered, oven-roasted ham, deli sandwich ham, or ham pastrami rather than cured meat.