A closeup of cauliflower florets.
What Is Melting Cauliflower And Why Is It Called That?
By Michael Serrur
Cooking with cauliflower allows you to get creative, but if you've run out of options with this versatile vegetable, it's time to try cooking melted cauliflower.
"Melting" takes an already-roasted vegetable and cooks it a second time in a thin layer of broth. The "melted" element refers to the texture of the cauliflower.
The first roast gives the cauliflower a mild toasty note and caramelization, while the second cook allows the florets to absorb the seasoned broth or stock.
Your oven temperature should be around 450 degrees F to give your vegetables some color and caramelization. If you're using cauliflower florets, roast them for 15 to 20 minutes.
When it comes to choosing your liquid for this dish, premade stock or broth is fine, and you can also jazz it up with some dried herbs or seasonings.
When going for that second roast, cook your vegetables until most, if not all, of the broth is absorbed. It will result in a dish that's literally saturated in flavor.