A closeup of a bowl of Marry Me soup.
What Is Marry Me Soup And What Does It Taste Like?
By Grace Allison
Inspired by "Marry Me chicken," an Italian-derived dish that sky-rocketed to online fame via TikTok in Spring 2023, "Marry Me soup" is now having a moment.
The original recipe features chicken breasts cooked in a creamy sauce decadently infused with rich, sweet, sun-dried tomatoes and parmesan cheese.
Marry Me soup has the core ingredients of Marry Me chicken and adds chicken broth and pasta. The result is a creamy and meaty soup dotted with earthy greens.
The chicken broth itself is beautifully layered with tangy garlic and onion. Milk or cream is then added to mirror the rich dimension of the original dish.
The salty, sharp parmesan cheese flavors in this comfort dish are balanced by the intensely tart-sweet flavor of sun-dried tomatoes, which add bright pockets of umami flavor.
The shredded chicken and pasta are then incorporated alongside greens like spinach or kale, which add bite and color to the soup.