Quinoa salad with vegetables,herbs and lemon. Close up
What Is A Spoon Salad And What's The Point?
By Stacie Adams
Chopped salads offer a lot of texture and flavor, but they're difficult to eat with a fork. Spoon salads feature finely diced vegetables that are best consumed with a spoon.
Spoon salads certainly aren't new, but modern eaters seem to find the concept captivating. A search for "spoon salad" on TikTok returns a variety of delicious recipes.
Although finely chopping ingredients for a salad you can eat with a spoon might seem like a lot of unnecessary work, it's more flavorful because the dressing permeates every bite.
Many recipes say to marinate the vegetables in the dressing for anywhere from 10 minutes to one hour. Some even say to make the salad a day in advance for more flavor absorption.
A spoon salad recipe might call for finely chopped or diced vegetables. For even smaller vegetable pieces, try minced vegetables, which roughly measure ⅛ inch in diameter.
While a nice selection of vegetables is crucial to a tasty spoon salad, you can also add chopped nuts and cheese. Vinaigrette is a standard selection, as is oil and vinegar.