A cow patty cookie on a cooling rack
What Is A Cow Patty Cookie And Why Is It Called That?
By Arianna Endicott
Cow patty cookies are chocolate, lumpy treats featuring cocoa powder or a chocolate substitute and oats, nuts, rice cereal, or chocolate chips. There are two main cooking methods.
For the no-bake method, quick-cooking or instant oats are added to boiling milk. Once the ingredients are mixed, the cookies are shaped and chilled in the fridge to set.
For the oven method, mix nuts, oats, or chocolate chips into a more standard chocolate cookie base. After baking, they'll be sturdy, so they won't crumble like their counterparts.
These treats have also been called "preacher cookies" because if a homemaker saw a preacher outside the window, they could quickly prepare these no-bake desserts to offer him.
The second name, cow patty, seemed to hint that the lumpy, brown cookies visually resembled something left behind by cows outside. Despite the gross connotation, they’re delicious.