can of XXXX beer
What Exactly Is XXXX Beer And Where Does It Come From?
By Erin Metz
XXXX, or "four ex" when said out loud, is a popular beer brand made in Queensland, Australia. This 140-year-old company has kept its inventory simple all these years.
XXXX Gold, Dry, and Bitter are made of malted barley and contain 3.5%-4.2% ABV per 375ml serving. There are also three flavored Summer Bright Lagers and an alcohol-free XXXX Zero.
"XXXX" is a reference to the process of barrel-aging beer. While the beer mixture ferments in barrels, the Xs — also known as brewer's marks — indicate the strength of the batch.
According to XXXX's website, the company perfected the recipe in 1893, added an extra mark to its strength and quality, and rebranded to showcase all four Xs in its name and logo.
XXXX is the self-proclaimed "favorite beer" of Australians. Launched in 1991, XXXX Gold eventually became the
best-selling mid-strength beer in Australia.
Sadly, for those in the United States who are curious about XXXX, it’s difficult to find — although some Australian locals may claim that you are better off without it.