Portrait of african male lion with blue eyes , wildlife animal
What Exactly Is The Lion Diet?
By Crystal Antonace
There are all kinds of diets you can try out, but many end up being passing trends. People diet for all kinds of health reasons, and one recent diet that some have turned to is the Lion Diet.
Lion diet followers may only consume water, salt, and meat from ruminant animals, including cows and deer, for an extended period of time until certain foods can be added intermittently back into their regular diets. It is considered to be a healing diet, because the meat contains no plant-based pesticides and is easily digested in the small intestine.
This diet was popularized by blogger Mikhaila Peterson, who claims that it healed her gut issues, and testimonials on the website claim it has helped with weight loss and clearing skin conditions. However, the exact how-tos of the diet are never given.
While the diet has allegedly helped some people, there is still no scientific evidence that proves it to be effective. Healthline rates this diet poorly due to its lack of sustainability, and a diet this restrictive can lead to other health complications from a lack of vegetables, grains, and other food groups.