An Aldi signage on top of an Aldi store entrance.
What Does The Hot Dog Selection Look Like At Aldi?
By Stacie Adams
Aldi is the place to shop if you're looking for quality hot dog brands that are affordable. For instance, the chain's Parkview brand offers classic-style hot dogs for just $1.09.
The prices may vary from store to store, and these dogs feature a combination of pork and chicken and lack artificial ingredients, such as flavoring agents and colors.
If pork and chicken are not for you, you can grab Aldi's Simply Nature uncured beef dogs, which will run you $5.19 for a six-count pack.
Aldi's Simply Nature uncured beef dogs are an organic product that is free of nitrates, hormones, and antibiotics, and they are non-GMO.
If you like uncured hot dogs of the pork and chicken variety, Aldi also offers other Parkview brand options that are just $1.45 for an eight-pack.
Aldi also carries a heartier Parkview Chicago-style beef hot dog variety that is gluten-free and made from Vienna beef. It will cost you just $6.95 for an eight-pack.