celebrity chef Alton Brown
What Alton Brown Adds To Cornbread For A Creamier Texture
By Madalyn Mackarey
Crumbly cornbread is the perfect crowd-pleaser at picnics and barbecues. For an unforgettable cornbread, follow chef Alton Brown's lead and add some creamed corn to your recipe.
Creamed corn is comforting and delicious on its own, but when added to cornbread, it brings in a creamy textural undertone that ensures your cornbread won't turn dry and inedible.
Although using it may go against traditional Southern methods of making cornbread, creamed corn makes the resulting bread denser and thicker while giving it a hint of sweetness.
Creamed corn, whether homemade or canned, is the secret weapon ingredient for Alton Brown's cornbread, making it hefty enough to serve on its own instead of just as a side.
If you want to ensure the creamed corn doesn't moisten the cornbread too much, Brown recommends using coarse, stone-ground cornmeal for a rich, dense, and crumbly result.