A closeup of various flavors of Dr Pepper cans.
We're Probably Never Getting This Discontinued Dr Pepper Flavor Back
By Kalea Martin
The unique combination of 23 mysterious flavors drew fans to Dr Pepper, but in 2006 Dr Pepper ventured outside of its traditional recipe and introduced a Berries & Cream flavor.
Dr Pepper believed in the flavor and launched a nationwide marketing campaign, but consumers weren't enthusiastic about the flavor and it was pulled in a few short months.
Berries & Cream did, however, make a comeback in 2022 but in the form of a mixed berry flavor profile. Unfortunately for fans, the 2022 version was a limited one.
Only 582 lucky people who signed up for Dr Pepper’s online rewards program had the chance to win one of these exclusive cans.
Perhaps Dr Pepper used this giveaway to gauge renewed interest in a berry-flavored Dr Pepper because a year after, a similar Strawberries & Cream flavor was released.
This can be seen as Dr Pepper's attempt to improve and replace the original berries and cream concept as Strawberries & Cream became a permanent flavor.
Whether this is true or not, this does not bode well for fans of the original Berries & Cream flavor because Dr Pepper would have no incentive to release a similar flavor.