A closeup of a strawberry cake on a cake stand.
We're Never Getting Back This Discontinued Pillsbury Cake Mix
By Kalea Martin
Through the years, Pillsbury has released all kinds of cake mixes, but some are forever gone, like the 1961 Pink Lemonade Angel Food Cake mix and pink lemonade-flavored frosting.
The most probable explanation for Pillsbury's discontinuation of its Pink Lemonade Angel Food Cake mix was that it was expensive to make since it included egg whites.
Cake mixes typically require the customers to add their own eggs, so with Pillsbury supplying all 14.4 of them, it was more expensive for the company to make than other cake mixes.
It's also worth noting that fruit-laced angel food cake was one of the most popular desserts from the '50s. Customers might have lost interest in the baking trend in the ‘60s.
It's also possible that certain Pillsbury products were prioritized over others like the refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough, which is still around today.