Pancake batter dripping off a whisk
We'll Likely Never See This Discontinued Betty Crocker Cake Mix Again
By Kalea Martin
Betty Crocker produces various cake mixes, but the once-popular Snackin' Cake was discontinued some time ago and probably won't make a comeback.
Betty Crocker's Snackin' Cake mix was introduced in 1972. Its main selling point was that it produced cakes that could be mixed, baked, and served all in the same pan.
Unlike other cake mixes that required eggs, oil, and water, Snackin' Cake batter only needed water and could be prepared in just two minutes, making it popular into the '80s.
The mix was advertised as "so rich and moist, you don't need frosting." This and the lack of eggs made consumers feel that their cakes weren't "homemade enough."
The appeal eventually wore off, and Betty Crocker stopped producing it. One of the last commercials featuring the mix aired in 1981 before the company moved on to other products.