top view of a sliced cheese pizza
We Wish We Had This Costco Pizza Cutting Tool At Home
By Stacie Adams
Costco uses nifty gadgets to prepare its food court items, like its wildly popular pizza. One shopper shared a Reddit video of a device that's best described as a pizza fence.
It's used to cut the huge Costco pies into slices. The video shows a food court staffer laying a metal contraption atop the pizza and using the wires to create six distinct slices.
After cutting it into six pieces, the employee repositions the pizza fence and cuts again to create 12 uniform slices. This tool helps to quickly and safely cut consistent slices.
Efficient tools save time within busy commercial kitchens with constant orders, which is especially important for Costco since it's one of the largest pizza chains in the U.S.
You can snag one of these tools for yourself to slice pizzas measuring up to 18 inches in diameter. Designs also vary, ranging from six to 12 slices depending on the configuration.
Using this type of tool as your guide ensures that each slice is the same size, but it can be costly. Some models on Amazon are priced at $140 or more, depending on the design.