Costco food court menu
We Want This UK Costco Food Court Item To Come To The US
By Stacie Adams
While shoppers in the U.S. are privy to great selections at Costco's food courts, a post on Reddit has American customers salivating over an item that's only available in the U.K.
During an overseas visit, a shopper noticed that the Costco in Edinburgh, Scotland, features a jacket potato, which is basically a baked potato with a variety of toppings.
According to the food court menu at the Edinburgh Costco, jacket potato toppings include tuna, cheese, beef chili, and baked beans. Some U.S. customers seem to be fully on board.
One commenter wrote, "Omg why can't we have jacket potatoes in the states?!?!?" Another person shared, "I had one with chili and cheese at a London location, and it was fantastic."
Like other grocery stores, Costco is pretty clever in its quest to ensure a steady influx of profits, which also affects the food court layout decisions and selection of items.