Cracker Barrel restaurant sign
We May Never See This Iconic Discontinued Cracker Barrel Meal Again
By Kalea Martin
Cracker Barrel's Campfire Meals were reminiscent of meals cooked over a campfire. They were introduced to the menu in 1997 and brought back seasonally during summer.
Cracker Barrel offered many Campfire Meals, which included beef, chicken, beans, and a mixed grill (beef and sausage). They also came with corn on the cob, potatoes, and carrots.
Though Campfire Meals attracted Cracker Barrel customers for many years, the restaurant decided to discontinue them, and the last time it was available was the summer of 2018.
Cracker Barrel previously referred to it as a "fan favorite," so it may seem odd that the company would discontinue it. This is likely due to a drop in popularity over the years.
In 2017, Cracker Barrel Vice President of Marketing Don Hoffman expressed concerns about "menu fatigue" during Campfire Meals season and made changes to increase its popularity.
Cracker Barrel heavily advertised the Campfire Meals in 2018, including a vlog series with country music artists and social media campaigns, but these efforts didn’t pay off.