brown eggs falling from a large white bowl
Walmart Vs Aldi: Which Chain Sells The Cheapest Eggs?
By Madalyn Mackarey
Aldi is a budget-friendly store that appeals to many shoppers. Walmart is in close competition with Aldi’s prices for staple grocery items, like eggs.
Large white eggs are cheaper at Walmart. Aldi’s affordable Goldhen eggs are about 12 cents more expensive than Walmart's cheapest offering.
Name-brand and free-range eggs cost more. As of January 2024, Walmart offers non-organic cage-free brown eggs at about $2.66 a dozen, depending on the location.
A 12-count of pasture-raised large eggs at Aldi costs $5.49. The chain doesn’t offer cartons larger than a dozen, but Walmart has large white eggs in 18- and 24-counts.
Expect different Aldi locations to have different prices. Walmart's prices for cheap eggs are better than Aldi's for standard white and cage-free brown eggs.