French toast with syrup falling
Vanilla Pudding Mix Is The Special Ingredient For Top-Notch French Toast
By Madalyn Mackarey
The secret to sweet, flavorful, top-notch French toast is a box of vanilla pudding mix that you can mix straight into the dipping batter for an aromatic, even sweeter twist.
Simply mix your milk and eggs before adding in a package of dry vanilla pudding mix. Cover your bread slices evenly with the mixture, and cook them on the griddle or in a skillet.
Cook-and-serve pudding mix will give your French toast a deeper and richer flavor, while instant pudding mix may result in a softer texture due to the additives.
In addition to adding extra flavor, dry pudding mix also offers extra fat, making your French toast batter more flavorful and your slices of bread more moist.
You could branch out and experiment with other pudding mix flavors, but vanilla compliments the ingredients used to make French toast and toppings like whipped cream and berries.