sliced cheesecake with berries
Up The Creaminess Of Your Cheesecake Using Mascarpone
By Asia McLain
While mascarpone is frequently featured as the central ingredient in tiramisu, its subtle sweetness, versatility, and luxurious texture make it a perfect base for cheesecake.
This mild cheese, also known as "Italian cream cheese,” is delicate, buttery, and nutty. It contains 60 to 75% milk fat and has a silky texture because it's made from heavy cream.
Simply swap in some mascarpone cheese for half of the cream cheese in your recipe. Be sure to soften it first for a smooth, even, and lump-free cheesecake filling.
To do so, microwave your mascarpone in short (a few seconds) intervals, stirring after each time. You want to get the cheese soft and pliable, not hot, to retain its texture.
Mascarpone tends to curdle when over-mixed, so stir it in by hand after adding your other ingredients. Otherwise, it could be difficult to recover your cheesecake’s creamy filling.
Since mascarpone is naturally sweet, you can adjust the amount of sugar in your recipe so it doesn't become too sweet. If it’s too rich, you can tone it down with some lemon juice.