holding up a peeled banana
Toss Bananas In The Air Fryer And Watch The Magic Happen
By Jessica Fleming-Montoya
You may not have thought to throw some banana slices into your air fryer, but this quick, simple, and healthy snack is sweet and caramelized, similar to bananas Foster.
To make air-fried bananas, slice them in half lengthwise, sprinkle them with the fat and seasoning of your choice, and cook them in your air fryer at 375 F for around 9 minutes.
If your bananas aren't quite ripe enough, you may need to increase the cooking time. You should also flip them when they've still got a few minutes left to toast on all sides.
Air-fried bananas are highly versatile. You can season them with different flavorings, such as cinnamon or cinnamon sugar, sea salt, or brown sugar, for a warm and cozy flavor.
You can also enjoy them as a banana split with chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, peanut butter, or other toppings, plus a scoop of ice cream for a caramelly take on the classic.