Homemade tomato Passata in white bowl
Tomato Passata Is The Italian Secret To Elevate Any Tomato Sauce
By Heather Newman
Tomato passata is the Italian version of tomato paste, but it's really so much more — it's a multitasking powerhouse in the kitchen.
Unlike other jarred pastes, purees, and sauces, tomato passata is fresh and is made with tomatoes that are picked in late summer for maximum flavor.
It can be used in soups and stews, but it can also be used to make a tomato sauce that's worthy of center stage.
You can make tomato passata at home with some ripe tomatoes, basil, and a food mill. It’s important to use ripe and fragrant tomatoes for optimal flavor.
Cut the tomatoes into quarters, add them to a saucepan over medium heat for half an hour, and let them cool after cooking.
When the tomatoes are cool, all you’ll have to do is run them through a food mill with fresh basil and salt.
You can build a garlicky marinara or a spicy arrabbiata with a few additional ingredients, but either would have the same, rich taste of ripe tomatoes.
Tomato passata can also be canned or jarred, so you have a bite of summer well into the colder months.