McDonalds Medium size French Fries. Shot in a photography studio on a wood table.
TikTok Finally Put The McDonald's Fry Size Conspiracy To Rest
By Brianna Corley
A common internet myth states that every McDonald's fry size contains the same amount of fries. However, a TikTok video created by an employee of the "golden arches" disproved this myth and showed that if you buy a small, medium, or large order of McDonald's fries, you will get the amount you paid for.
In the TikTok, a McDonald's employee pours a small serving of the side into a medium box, pausing to show the camera that the small size barely fills the medium-sized container halfway. Then she puts a medium order of fries into a package meant for a large order, and as one would expect, the medium-sized fries are too small for the larger container.
However, many users in the comment section seemed to feel the myth could still hold true, claiming that many associates don't completely fill up the different sizes. Another TikToker debunked this theory from the customer's POV by buying medium and small fries, then weighing the two different sizes to show that the medium portion weighed significantly more than the small.
Commenters on the internet have theories on how influencers convinced the world of this fry myth, including hiding extra fries at the bottom of the seemingly empty Micky D's packages. The extra fries made it so that when they poured the small order into the larger sizes, it looked like the same amount of fries filled the bigger packages equally.