A bunch of grapes on a white background.
Throw Some Grapes In The Air Fryer And See What Happens
By Allie Ward
You can air-fry just about any food these days, from eggs to popcorn to steak, but you may be surprised to know that grapes are also on the list of air-fryable foods.
Grapes are usually prized for their snappiness, but air-fried grapes are a fun and innovative way to enjoy grapes, producing a unique snack that is equal parts sweet and tart.
All you need is a bunch of destemmed grapes, neutral cooking oil, a pinch of salt, an air fryer set to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and 15 minutes of patience.
Air fryer grapes can be enjoyed on their own as a healthy treat or incorporated into various dishes like salads, yogurt bowls, ice cream, or charcuterie boards.
They also go well on toast; when grapes are air-fried, they take on an almost jam-like consistency that works well with a slice of crusty bread as a vessel.
You can also go the breakfast route and stir the grapes into oatmeal, top your pancakes with them, or use them with roasted meats during dinner.