Cut up oranges
Throw Orange Slices In An Air Fryer And Watch Magic Happen
By Camryn Teder
For a different way to enjoy an orange, heat a few slices in your air fryer. The machine can warm the slices up in minutes, leaving you with beautifully caramelized end products.
The intense heat of the air fryer perfectly warms the orange until its flesh softens, and each bite contains a burst of warm citrus flavor. They are very easy to make at home.
TikToker Jen Jones cuts an orange and removes the flesh. She drizzles maple syrup and cinnamon on the slices before putting them into an air fryer at 400 degrees F for four minutes.
After cooking, she layers the orange slices with yogurt and granola for a complete breakfast. You can also add them to ambrosia salad, grilled chicken, salsa, or cinnamon rolls.