Roasted tomatoes isolated on a white background.
This Is Your Sign To Start Roasting Tomatoes In The Air Fryer
By Allison Lindsey
Air fryers have quickly become a staple kitchen tool. From egg rolls to jerk chicken wings and everything in between, it seems like there's nothing that can't be air-fried.
Air-fried fare doesn't always have to be a full-fledged meal, as you can jazz up simple ingredients to take them from ordinary to extraordinary. Enter the humble tomato.
When tomatoes are roasted in the air fryer, their sweet and earthy flavors become concentrated for a more intense and exciting taste.
Air fryers also work twice as fast as conventional ovens, making it easier to give tomatoes that charred exterior while maintaining their juicy and succulent texture.
The heated circulation in air fryers facilitates even cooking for consistent texture and flavor, so you won't end up with a batch of half-roasted tomatoes.
Before you start the air fryer, drizzle the tomatoes with your favorite cooking oil to promote caramelization, browning, and a richer flavor.
Cooking times vary based on the size of the tomatoes and your desired level of charring, but a good place to start for timing and temperature is about 8 minutes at 370 degrees.