tin of canned salmon
This Family-Owned Company Makes The Best Canned Salmon
By Stacie Adams
From delicious dips to tasty fried patties, canned salmon is a highly nutritious and versatile ingredient, and the Drifters Fish brand is an excellent option from our ranked list.
A family-owned and run company hailing from Alaska, Drifters Fish prioritizes quality as well as sustainability, which makes their canned fish an ethical choice.
Drifters Fish hand-packs its cans of smoked salmon, including sockeye, coho, and keta. The company also adheres to sustainable practices to prevent disruption to local wildlife.
This brand costs more than others at your local grocery store — two cans of the smoked Copper River coho cost $30) — but the careful sourcing practices make it worth the price.
The brand was founded by Nelly and Michael Hand, who are familiar with Alaskan fishing practices. They procure fish primarily from waters within Cordova, Alaska.
Wild-caught salmon is the most nutritious choice, and Drifters Fish also has clean ingredients. The brand’s smoked sockeye contains salmon, sugar, salt, and smoke from alder wood.