plastic bags full of chopped vegetables
There's Nothing Stopping You From Reusing Zip Top Bags
By Ariana DiValentino
Although many throw away those convenient zip-top baggies after a single use, just like a reusable plastic container, you can wash and reuse your bags.
If the plastic bag is still in one piece, you can use it again. You can also opt for reusable containers, and some companies now make sturdier, reusable zip-top bags.
Wash the insides with dish soap and warm water, and avoid flipping them inside out to protect the seams. You can dry them upside down on a rack or clipped to a line of string.
Zip-top baggies are a convenient way to marinate meat or fish, but they absolutely should not be reused after contact with bacteria from raw proteins, including eggs.
To get the most out of your zip-top bags, use them for solid, dry food items that are easy to clean out. If the bag starts to discolor or turn cloudy, it's time to retire it.