Laetiporus sulphureus mushroom growing on a tree trunk near the Dnieper river in Kiev, Ukraine
There's A Mushroom That Tastes Like Fried Chicken
By David Tran
Though there are plenty of vegan chicken options at the supermarket, you can make some yourself at home using Chicken of the Woods mushrooms, which taste like fried chicken.
Also known as chicken fungus and chicken mushroom, its vibrant orange-yellow colors and unique shape make it atypical to the ones usually found in grocery stores.
Chicken of the Woods’ flavor makes them a great swap in recipes that use chicken or mushrooms — just be sure to only cook the outer inch or two, which is the truly edible part.
It’s also a popular substitute in dishes like pasta, soup, risotto, and curry for an earthy, chicken flavor. They last for a week in the fridge and about six months in the freezer.
This mushroom can be hard to find, but farmers' markets and specialty food stores may carry it. Online marketplace Foraged sells a growing kit for $18.95.