The outside of a Trader Joe's location
The Versatile Trader Joe's Polenta You Should Have In Your Pantry
By David Tran
Trader Joe's has a new organic polenta which is precooked, shelf-stable, and comes in an 18-ounce tube.
Polenta is ground-up cornmeal that has a soft and creamy texture when cooked. The Italian dish is extremely versatile, as it can be baked, sautéed, grilled, and even fried.
The Trader Joe's polenta promises "a quick, three-step process of slice, heat, and serve." You can turn it into anything from polenta fries to a porridge-like side dish.
Many people are praising the organic polenta on social media, with one tweeting, "I wonder if eating nothing but Trader Joe's polenta qualifies as a diet."
Trader Joe's fans have also shared several recipes on Reddit. One user recommended sautéing the polenta in butter and then drizzling maple syrup onto it.
They also suggested sautéing it in garlic and herbs for a more savory dish, then topping the dish with pine nuts. The possibilities are endless.