Kroger grocery store exterior and logo. The Kroger Company is an American supermarket chain.
The U.S. States Where You Won't Find A Single Kroger
By Stacie Adams
Kroger has established a presence in 35 states, including California, North Carolina, and Florida. Despite this grocery chain's popularity, several states don't have any locations.
Shoppers living in Vermont, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, North Dakota, New York, New Jersey, and New Hampshire must look elsewhere for groceries.
There are also no Kroger stores in Minnesota, Massachusetts, Maine, Iowa, Hawaii, or Connecticut. As for why certain states lack locations, that's a difficult question to answer.
Grocery stores must make strategic decisions regarding expansion to ensure operational costs don't outweigh profits, which is why Kroger vacated North Carolina in 2018.
Other factors can also play a role in the locations of specific stores. For instance, Kroger stores could once be found in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, before 1984.
However, a labor rights dispute led to a strike, resulting in Kroger leaving the state and solidifying Giant Eagle as the preferred grocer in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas.