A closeup of a McDonald's burger.
The Unsettling McDonald's Burger Fact You Should Know
By Jessica Fleming-Montoya
McDonald's is known for its juicy burgers, ranging from the Big Mac to simple cheeseburgers. If you're a fan of the beef patties, there's something you might want to know.
Those juicy beef patties are made by mixing meat from various batches. This means your burger can actually contain meat from over 100 different cows.
The company states that butchers mince and shape the beef into patties. It's during this process that beef from various batches can cross over.
However, even though McDonald's patties may be made from over 100 cows, that doesn't mean they're packed full of ingredients you don't want to eat.
Its website states, "Our patties contain no preservatives or fillers, and the only thing we ever add is a touch of salt and pepper when the patties are sizzling hot on the grill."
McDonald's burgers are made up solely of a variety of cuts of meat, including sirloin, chuck, and round, which are ground together to form the patty mixture.