Organic Green Jalapeno Peppers in a Bowl
The Unique Jalapeño Dust Trick On TikTok Is Fascinating To Watch
By Crystal Antonace
If you're searching for easier ways to imbue your favorite dishes with a little more jalapeño heat, grating frozen, raw jalapeños against a microplane may be what your dish needs.
This simple, unconventional method covers your meal's surface area with concentrated flavor. The best part about making this "jalapeño dust" is that the process is simple.
Toss raw jalapeños in your freezer ahead of time, and when it's time to eat, use your microplane to top any cold or hot dish with jalapeño ice.
Many users on the TikTok platform showcase how to use this clever trick to upgrade several classic dishes. In a recent video, one user adds jalapeño dust to cooked salmon.
While grating frozen peppers onto hot food may seem less than ideal, the video shows how the jalapeño's icy shards quickly lose their cold characteristics when hitting hot food.
You can also grate the peppers into your food during the cooking process, but avoid adding them too early since grated cooked jalapeños taste spicier than frozen peppers.