leftover slice of pizza in box
The Unexpected Tool You Should Start Using To Reheat Pizza
By Betsy Parks
You can reheat your leftover pizza with almost any appliance, but chances are that none of those approaches are as fun and tasty as reheating your slices with a waffle iron.
It can take quite a while to make pizza taste as good as when it was fresh, but a hot waffle iron creates a whole new meal with tons of crispy crust in a fraction of the time.
There are some key steps to follow for the best results. The overarching concept is to think of your pizza as a sandwich or Hot Pocket with a crusty exterior and fillings inside.
All you need to do is strategically fold your slice before you put it into the waffle iron so that the crust is on both sides and the cheese doesn't stick to the hot metal.
You can use any pizza, but a thin, wide slice of New York-style pizza works best. Stuff it with your favorite toppings and close the lid with a firm squish to seal it.