Bruschetta with egg, cheese, mushrooms and herbs in a plate on a gray background. Vertical orientation, close-up
The Unexpected Powder That Will Take Your Eggs To The Next Level
By Ashley Reut
Cheesy eggs make for a breakfast worth craving, and they're one of the easiest and quickest meals you can throw together. You can always take your classic cheesy eggs up a notch if you consider adding something unexpected, like a glob of cream cheese, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, or a certain powder.
Adding the powder from Kraft’s boxed mac 'n' cheese to scrambled eggs came from pastry chef Kate Siegel, and it took her eggs from ordinary to extraordinary. All you need to do is whisk your eggs until they're frothy and homogeneous, stir in the powder, pour them into a pan over low heat with some melted butter, and let them cook low and slow.
However, if the bright orange color and slightly tangy flavor of powdered cheese don’t appeal to you, consider using Crème fraîche or cream cheese for a delightfully creamy and velvety bite that will melt in your mouth. Cooking eggs with some minced onions or shallots adds a nice touch as well.