Piece of chocolate cake with chocolate syrup, black background, brick wall
The Unexpected Ingredient That Will Take Your Chocolate Cake Up A Notch
By Carly Weaver
It’s hard to believe you can change anything about a rich and decadent chocolate cake to make it better, but this simple ingredient can make all the difference. While chocolate chunks or peanut butter may be your first thought for a tremendous chocolate improvement, you might want to try this somewhat bitter addition.
With its notes of coffee, cocoa, caramel, and dried fruit, a dark malty beer could be the unsung hero of your dessert by adding depth to offset the sweetness of the sugar. If you want something sweeter, stick to porters, but go with stouts if you prefer a slight bitterness.
For a subtle layer of moisture and flavor enhancement, substitute around ¼ of the liquid in your recipe with the beer, or use it as the main liquid ingredient if you’d like it to be the star of the cake. If you have any extra, those last sips will pair perfectly with the slightly boozy, not-too-sweet chocolate cake you've created.