A person adding ingredients to a pot of soup
The Unexpected Ingredient That Can Fix Burnt Soup In A Hurry
By Angel Albring
Homemade soup is a great meal, but if you forget to check on your soup periodically, you could be left disappointed if it scorches from being left on the stove too long. Fixing a burnt soup isn't always an easy task, but there is one unexpected ingredient that can get the bitter taste out of your homemade masterpiece.
According to People, Fabrizio Schenardi, the executive chef of Four Seasons Resort Orlando, says you can rescue your burnt soup with an English cucumber. Begin by pouring the soup into a new pot without scraping the caked-on portions off the bottom of the pot, and wrap a cucumber in cheesecloth.
Next, crush the cucumber with the back of a knife or wooden spoon and drop the split-open cucumber in the soup for around 15 minutes. The cucumber acts as a sponge and soaks up all of the burnt flavors, and once you take it out of the soup, you can adjust your seasonings to get your flavor back to where you want it.