a skillet of chili with a side of sauce
The Unexpected Ingredient That Adds A Tangy Sweet Twist To Chili
By Riya Anne Polcastro
When it comes to a comforting, hot bowl of chili, ketchup can add a sweet and tangy twist. Ketchup can be used instead of the usual tomato sauce in many recipes.
Ketchup's zestiness and ingredients, including salt, onion powder, other spices, and sweetener, work well in chili. The vinegar adds an acidic balance to the sweetness.
Using ketchup instead of tomato sauce or paste slightly changes the texture of chili. Ketchup is thinner in consistency, so the chili will be less thick and a bit tangier.
A cup of ketchup will suffice in a standard batch of chili. Ketchup is sweeter than other tomato products, so balance it out with more cayenne pepper, garlic, or chili powder.