A closeup of romano beans on a counter.
The Underrated Bean That's Ideal For Slow Cooking
By Madalyn Mackarey
Green beans easily turn to mush when cooked using slow-roasting methods, but if you're still looking to get your green bean-like fix, romano beans are your answer.
The flatter, supple Romano beans turn meaty instead of mushy inside a slow cooker, easily absorbing any juicy flavors you cook them in.
Romano beans look similar to snap peas but don't have strings. You should trim the stems, keep the tails, and not pop the small bean seeds inside the pods.
To get the most out of Romano beans, you can simply slow-cook them on their own. They're juicy and hearty for a vegetable and can easily star as the main character of your meal.
As the beans roast in the oven, they gradually take on a delicate caramelization along the edges while slightly softening, intensifying their naturally sweet flavor.