Authentic French Onion soup with dried bread and cheddar cheese in bowl on dark background copy space
The Unconventional Oil That Will Kick Your French Onion Soup Up A Notch
By Julia Mullaney
French onion soup is a common menu item in the US which consists of a baguette submerged in a salty, beef-based broth, loaded with caramelized onions, and topped with a layer of gruyère or Swiss cheese. Knowing the right ingredients will yield the perfect French onion soup, including using the right oil to prepare your onions.
Chef Ludo Lefebvre of Los Angeles' Petit Trois says that grapeseed oil is the best oil to use when preparing onions due to its high smoke point. He added that yellow onions are the best kind to use for the dish due to their texture and ability to caramelize quickly.
Chef Andy Xu, the executive chef of New York City's Odeon, also suggests leaving the onions to caramelize on their own for the first 10 minutes rather than stirring them constantly. However, watch how much you season the dish since it already has salty elements, such as cheese.