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The Unbelievably Easy Hack To Get Corks Back Into Wine Bottles
By Chris Day
Oxygen, heat, and light are wine's biggest enemies, and the longer a bottle of wine has been exposed to them, the more quickly the flavor will change. You are probably familiar with the frustrating task of trying to push a bloated cork back into a wine bottle with zero success, but luckily, you can use this everyday kitchen tool to seamlessly recork your wine.
Bon Appetit recommends stopping up a bottle of wine after every glass is poured to preserve its freshness, and running a rolling pin over a cork to flatten it can reduce its size enough to fit it back into the bottle, per Apartment Therapy. Choice Wineries suggests using a scrap of waxed paper on the end of the cork to help it slide into the bottle.
This technique only works with natural corks, as synthetic corks usually slide back into the bottle with little effort, and you may not have any luck trying this method on a champagne cork due to its large size. All wine should be refrigerated once opened to last about three to five days, and leftover wine can be put into smaller bottles before refrigerating to reduce oxygen exposure.