Rustic homemade rock cakes in a rustic home kitchen setting
The Ultimate Tip For Preventing Misshapen Cookie Logs
By Arianna Endicott
While pre-made cookie dough makes it easy to bake up nearly identical cookies of the same diameter, the log of dough, once it adjusts to room temperature, can lose some of its cylindrical shape and leave you with flat-edged cookies. Fortunately, two cookbook authors have discovered a way to prevent this, and now you can, too.
Paul Arguin and Chris Taylor, authors of the book "Fabulous Modern Cookies," share a tip for making sure your slices of cookie dough stay perfectly round. Arguin and Taylor suggest flipping the log in between cuts so that the side resting on the cutting board changes with each slice, keeping the pressure evenly distributed.
They also suggest that smaller cookies make for more even slices and recommend keeping the diameter of each cookie between a minimum of one inch and a maximum of two and a half inches. If you’re using homemade dough, be sure to keep it rolled up and refrigerated for up to a full day to firm up the cookies and preserve the shape once baked.