Iced fruit tea or cold berry drink in glass with fresh mint leaves. Refreshing summer drink. Colorful pink and green background
The Ultimate Guideline To Keep In Mind While Styling A Non-Alcoholic Cocktail
By Betsy Parks
In the art of lifestyle changes and staying health-conscious, the alcohol culture has altered lately to include a younger, sober movement full of non-alcoholic spirits. These days, it's common to see zero-proof offerings on any decent cocktail list, and for those looking to recreate this in their own homes, a few modifications make it easier than you’d think.
When creating a great mocktail, avoid using just juices and sodas and aim for a balance of zero-proof spirits, aromatics, botanicals, or even spices and syrups. The first step is to choose a herbaceous and flavorful non-alcoholic base, then add aromatic elements such as citrus peels or tea leaves.
Avoid using store-bought varieties to give your mocktail more personality, such as hand-squeezed pomelos or a homemade sour mix. The easiest zero-proof cocktail tool is a simple syrup, which you can combine with other mocktail elements or add to some seltzer, ice, and garnishes for a great result.