Frieds eggs in cast iron skillet on a cutting board on gray background
The Type Of Oil You Should Usually Avoid When Frying Eggs
By S. Ferrari
Frying an egg may seem simple, but the fat you choose requires some consideration. It's best to avoid infused or flavored oils since they can overpower the flavor of the egg.
This is not a hard and fast rule. You can still experiment with garlic or chili oil drizzled on top, but to let your egg express its most authentic self, keep it simple.
You can choose from several options when selecting the ingredients to slick your pan, from ghee to corn oil to bacon grease, but avoid oils that have a low smoke point.
High-smoke point oils like avocado, peanut, or grapeseed are useful for getting your fried egg finished, but the most common go-to fats are butter and olive oil.
Olive oil helps your eggs get nice and crisp, especially the whites. As butter heats and browns in the pan, it imparts a sweet, toasted, nutty flavor that complements egg yolks.