French fries cooked in air fryer. Healthy fat less food
The Type Of Food You Should Not Be Making In
Your Air Fryer
By Gillian King
With the seemingly endless array of things you can make in your air fryer, it's easy to get carried away. While you can definitely use the air fryer to reheat pre-fried, frozen chicken nuggets or French fries, there are certain foods that you should completely avoid cooking in the beloved kitchen gadget.
For starters, you shouldn’t use it to freshly fry a just-battered corn dog, as the wet mixture will drip off the hot dog and into the frying basket without the help of all that oil. Additionally, air frying delicate foods like leafy greens for kale chips can cause them to blow away or lead to a fire hazard, so you can weigh them down by placing an oven-safe trivet on top.
Similarly, it’s best to avoid dehydrating foods in the air fryer unless you have a heat-safe trivet handy to keep your ingredients from blowing around, as this will cause them to lose moisture and become super lightweight. Dry spices, too, will go flying if they're not adhered to your chicken with cooking oil, and even the top slice of bread on your grilled cheese could come loose if not skewered with a toothpick (or at least a good slathering of mayo).