A person opening a Dutch oven.
The Type Of Cleaner That Should Never Touch Your Dutch Oven
By Patrick Bauman
Employing the wrong cleaning techniques can alter the look of your Dutch oven and potentially ruin the seasoning of this versatile and unique kitchen tool.
Cast iron manufacturer Lodge warns that applying any citrus (or even citrus-based cleaner) to an enameled Dutch oven can potentially dull its glossy finish.
Citrus won't impact the cooking ability of the pot, as its negative effects are purely aesthetic, so don't use lemon if you don't want to ruin its exterior.
You should also avoid abrasive materials that could scratch the surface, like steel wool and metal utensils, and minimize washing a Dutch oven in a dishwasher.
Even though Dutch ovens are marked as "dishwasher safe," you should handwash these pots if possible to maintain their smooth and shiny finish.