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The Trick To Getting The Best Roasted Frozen Vegetables
By Lori McCall
To get perfectly roasted vegetables from frozen, don't thaw them before roasting. Simply coat them with oil and seasoning and pop them into the oven on a preheated pan.
The most crucial step in roasting frozen vegetables is preheating an oiled pan at a high temperature to evaporate water from the vegetables and achieve caramelization quickly.
At a moderate temperature, like 350 F, the water crystals on the frozen fare will steam rather than evaporate, creating a mushier texture, so most recipes suggest heating at 450 F.
Preheating the pan beforehand with plenty of oil will also jumpstart this flash-cooking process as soon as the veggies hit the pan.
To let the steam evaporate more efficiently, place individual pieces of veggies, preferably sliced to a uniform size, about a quarter inch or more apart.
Broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and root vegetables roast perfectly. However, ale and collard greens can char quickly, and spinach is out of roasting contention.