Organic strawberries on sale at Annecy saturday market. France.. (photo by: Godong/ Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
The Trick For Buying The Freshest Strawberries
Every Time
By Chase Shustack
There’s nothing like a fresh strawberry, and a good way to see if the berries you're buying are ripe is to check to see if the fruit is sticking to the underside of the carton.
Just grab a carton of strawberries and turn it upside-down. If none stick to the absorbent pad at the bottom, they’re fine, but if some do stick, you should grab another carton.
Stuck berries are a sign that they have burst or have been crushed during transport. These crushed berries are prime targets for mold due to the increased amount of moisture.
You can still buy these berries, but you'll have to use them quickly. When searching for the freshest strawberries, look out for ones that are bright, unblemished, and whole.