Delicious hot crispy fried chicken on a fork.
The Tip You Need To Perfectly Cook Every Piece Of Fried Chicken
By Ashley Reut
One of the challenges home cooks face while cooking fried chicken is having uneven pieces — some pieces are ready and done, while others are either burnt or undercooked. Chef Ludo Lefebvre, the founder of the famous Ludo Bird, has a tip for achieving perfectly crispy pieces.
Once your recipe components are in order, you will want to cook the white and dark meat separately. This is because they take different amounts of time to cook, and if you cook them simultaneously, the white meat will end up dried out and overdone, while the dark meat will be barely ready to eat.
White meat is leaner, so it tends to be slightly drier, though it can still be juicy when cooked correctly, and it will be done cooking when all the pink is gone. Dark meat, on the other hand, is flavorful, juicy, and hard to overcook, with Masterclass stating that the parts of the chicken need more time “to tenderize” than white meat.